Non stick – For Better or For Worse

I owned an inexpensive set of non-stick cookware that I use very frequently. I have a habit of using metal utensils which have caused my cookware to be scratched all over. This concerned me because I could see the parts where the non-stick material were scraped off. Then the thought occurred to me, “Where are the pieces of the non stick material”? To this day, I have never actually seen it in my food, or on the plate,or in the trash. The only logical explanation is that I’ve ingested it along with my food. This scared me. I wanted to know what I was really ingesting when using this damaged non-stick cookware, so I looked up the health effects.

Most Non stick cookware is made from a chemical known as Teflon which produces harmful fumes when heated and is not safe for consumption.

Almost every site that was returned from my search showed the negative effects of Teflon. The fumes themselves can even kill pet birds! And there have been reported cases of this happening when birds are exposed to the fumes of headed non-stick pots.

I can personally testify to this chemical odor. I have smelt it while I have had the burner on underneath an empty pot. This odor is specific to the non-stick pots, my stainless steel pots never gave off this odor.

In light of this, I got rid of my set of non stick cookware, and purchased a quality stainless steel set.

I encourage you to do the same. Our bodies are neither made to ingest nor process the chemicals we come in contact with everyday. They can cause many illnesses.

In replacing your pots, you will want to get stainless steel or cast iron. They are the safest and easiest alternatives to get your hands on.

I purchased this stainless steel set from Amazon. I’m very happy with them. The food comes out better too. 🙂
Stainless Steel Cusinart

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  1. Good post. Africans used clay pots. The pots were awesome as they also kept food cool.below room temperature without refridgeration. I’d love to read a blog on this.

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